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Getting Clever with Coffee Filters

coffee filters - aprons n pearls

I’m not a coffee drinker, so why is it that a couple hundred coffee filters took up residence in my pantry? Because they are versatile and awesome, that’s why. I’ve had a few people ask me to share how I use coffee filters in my home, so today, I’m doing just that. By the time you’re done browsing this list, you’re going to want to run to the nearest store and buy a bunch for your home. Just do your checkbook a favor… buy the cheap, basket style ones. No need to be fancy. I buy mine at the store where everything is a dollar.

Here are the top 15 ways I use coffee filters in my home:
  1. Cleaning glass. This is my favorite use for coffee filters. Cheaper than paper towels, super absorbent, ink-free, lint-free… and they leave a streak-free shine. I’m telling you – this is exciting stuff! Go try it. On your windows, glass doors, glass tables, mirrors, china cabinet… I’ll wait.
  2. Wasn’t that fun? Guess what else you can clean with them? Your TV and computer screens.
  3. …and your faucets.
  4. …and your appliances. Yep, stainless steel, too.
  5. Crafts. About a gazillion of them. Wreaths, butterflies, leaves, snowflakes… you name it, you can use a coffee filter to make it. Pinterest says so. Back in my days as a daycare teacher, I let the kids go crazy with coffee filters and markers. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Potted plants. Put a coffee filter at the bottom of your pot, and the dirt won’t fall out of the bottom.
  7. Have you ever opened a bottle of wine, only to discover bits of the cork fell in? Pour the wine through the coffee filter, and no more cork. You can use this for other beverages that need filtering, too. I don’t like pulp in my orange juice, but if my hubby brings home the wrong kind… no worries. Use a filter. Can’t find your tea ball? That’s okay. Put the loose tea in a filter, tie it with string, and you’re all set.
  8. Microwave splatter stopper. Place a filter on top of your plate, and you can rest knowing you won’t have to clean up splatters.
  9. Grease soaker-upper. Out of paper towel, but have a hankerin’ for some bacon or fries? I have two words for you: coffee. filter. (By the way, I also use them to soak up the grease on my pizza. Yes, I have been told I’m strange for doing that. Thanks for that.)
  10. Clean your sunglasses. No explanation needed.
  11. Popcorn pouch (& other snacks, too.) Perfect size for your kids to hold their popcorn in, and it helps soak up the buttery (but yummy) mess. Also works great for hot dogs and tacos.
  12. Wannabe bento boxes. This is another one I do a lot. If I’m out of sandwich baggies, or am just going through a phase where I don’t feel like buying them, I use coffee filters to separate my daughter’s food for her school lunch. I put two or three filters in a reusable plastic container, and assemble her lunch – sandwich in one, carrots in the next, and grapes in the other. Works GREAT.
  13. When you have daughters who do their nails every other day, you run out of cotton balls. A lot. So what can they use to remove nail polish? Paper towel doesn’t work. Toilet paper doesn’t work. The next best thing? Coffee filters.
  14. Shine your shoes. They say your shoes say a lot about who you are. Keep them looking great with coffee filters and a little shoe polish.
  15. Oil blotters. You can pay quite a bit of money for oil blotters (those little sheets that you can press onto your face mid-day to absorb oil.) Coffee filters are so much cheaper, especially when you may use several a day in the summer, and they work just as well.
Do you have any clever ways you use coffee filters? Share with the class and leave a comment below.

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